February 27th, 2012

Home Organization Tips

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Whether you’ve recently settled into your Grand View Builders home or have been living comfortably there for years, there should never be a time that your home is crowded or cluttered. Here are a few tips to ensure that your home stays neat and clean, for this year and the next.

Make picking up your home a habit – It’s so easy to drop clothes on the floor, leave toys that have been played with in the living room, etc. As much of a hassle as it may be, do your best to make a sweep of your home before going to bed – a nightly routine will ensure that the piles do not grow or accumulate.

Keep flat surfaces clutter free – Things like bills, magazines and newspapers all have a proper place but usually end up littering your largest and longest table spaces, creating unnecessary clutter. Do your best to put your bills in your desk drawers, and magazines and newspapers in bins under a coffee table in order to make sure you’re utilizing all of that space!

Take your piles to their final resting place – Most homes have a stack of clothes for goodwill, newspapers for recycling and items to return to friends that they’ve been meaning to get around to doing. This weekend, set aside some time to get these things done and finally de-congest your space!

Install built-in cabinets or modular storageThe Grand View Builders Design Center can help you create the perfect cabinets for any room in your house. You can customize a beautiful creation down to the doorknobs, and fully utilize each space in your home with your organizational needs.

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