March 6th, 2012

Lush Lawns Landscaping Tip

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Lush Lawns Landscaping Tip

The past few days of gorgeous Houston weather have left us feeling like spring has sprung! It’s time to break out the gardening tools to make sure your lawn is in tip-top condition! Keep these tips in mind and your lawn will show off your green thumb!

Lawn – You should mow and water your lawn on a regular basis. You need to moisten, not drench, the soil to the bottom of the root zone and cut your blades to a uniform height. Proper lawn care encourages drought resistance.

Weeds – Use pre-emergent herbicides that do not need to make contact with the weed plants and tend to last longer

Flowers – Perennials are wonderful, but since they only bloom for a season, use annuals to supplement the color during the times when you have nothing growing to ensure that your lawn looks fresh and healthy

Hardscape – A lawn doesn’t need to only contain natural elements. Paths and benches make great additions to lawns and add depth without the necessity of maintenance.

What are you planning for your lawn this spring?

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